**1. ** Pack: All my gear (including medical kit and neck knife) weighs just 41/4 pounds and would fit in a fanny pack, but I prefer a daypack with a suspension system.

2. Compass: I use a baseplate compass for map-and-compass navigation. Not shown is the bubble compass I pin to my jacket.

3.Garbage Bags – 4: The lowly trash bag is the epitome of versatility. Spread them flat to make a dry bed or work space, use as emergency hip boots or tarp shelters, or fill with snow to melt for drinking water.

4. Cord, 30 Feet: Parachute (550) cord is the standard survival cord. The inside strands are very strong and can be put to many uses, such as emergency fishing line.

5. Water Bottle: A wide-mouthed Nalgene bottle is next to unbreakable and less likely to freeze than a bottle with a narrow neck. Mine is wrapped with duct tape for making general repairs.

6. Foam Pad: Weighing but an ounce, a 20-inch square cut from an old closed-cell-foam sleeping pad makes a comfortable seat and insulates you from cold ground.

7. Folding Saw : A locking 10-inch blade cuts firewood logs and stringers for shelter quickly. Puny saws on multiblade knives can’t compare. 8. Snare Wire: I use 26- or 28-gauge galvanized wire for trapping small game.

9. Headlamp: In a survival situation, a light’s longevity is more important than its power of illumination. I prefer LED models.

10.Marking Tape: Ten feet or so of orange marking tape weighs nothing and comes in handy for marking trails and tying to knives and saws so you won’t lose them in powder snow.

11. Map: A 7.5-series USGS quad covers an area roughly 6 by 8 miles. Fifteen-minute maps offer less detail but cover more country, showing distant peaks and other landmarks that can orient you if you’re lost. I use both.

12.Signal Mirror: I carry a very small one but have never used it.

13. Tarp: My 7×8-foot tarp is cut from a roll of 3-mil-thick clear plastic sheeting, which I reinforce at the corners and midpoints along the sides with duct tape before attaching grommets.

14. Tinfoil Squares, 2: Tinfoil makes a handy lid cover for a metal cup, a wrap for cooking game, or a dry platform to build fire.