Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Matches, Lighter, and Candle: I mix strike-anywhere wooden matches in with the windproof-waterproof matches for insurance, because the latter require a chemical reaction with the abrasive strip on the box to light. A lighter is a backup fire starter. For lighting kindling bundles or damp twigs, the enduring flame of a candle works better than a match.

2. Lip Balm: Chapped lips aren’t an emergency, but they sure hurt.

3. Blister Pads
4. Moleskin, and
5. Bandages: These keep hotspots from turning into blisters and can dress wounds.

6. Pill Container: I carry aspirin and a stronger painkilling pill in case I break a leg and need to crawl to safety. I wrap the bottle with bandage tape.

7. Kleenex and
8. Handiwipes: Both work as TP and also for washing hands after dressing game.

9. Surgical Gloves: Gloves keep your hands clean when field dressing game, but more important, they grip your knife more securely than bloody fingers, so you are less likely to cut yourself.

10. Water Purification Tablets: A filter pump is too heavy for day hunts. Chlorine or iodine tablets work fine.

11. Mini Maglite: To back up my headlamp, I pack a Mini Maglite. I secure a spare bulb to the body with turns of electrical tape, which can also be used for many other purposes.