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**Remington Managed Recoil and Federal Power-Shok Low Recoil **
Recoil hurts, we don’t like it, and when it bashes our shoulders and heads we do not shoot well. These two companies have created special low-recoil, low-velocity rounds that employ special bullets designed to expand reliably at slow speeds. Both cartridges have a truly startling reduction in kick, and a substantial reduction in noise. Managed Recoil .30/06 (top left), .270 Win., 7mm Rem. Mag.: _$16; 800-243-9700; Power-Shok .308 Win. (right), .30/06: $20; 800-322-2342; _

Ruger/Hornady .204
Ruger and Hornady have joined to design an excellent varmint round-the .204 (bottom left). Twenty-caliber cartridges are not a new idea but have not been a popular one because of the difficulty in rifling bores that small and making good bullets to fit them. Ruger and Hornady have the problem licked. The .204s I’ve shot have been plenty accurate and embody a list of other virtues: There is practically no recoil; barrels heat up slowly; barrel life is very good; noise is minimal. At present, the .204 is loaded with a 32-grain bullet at 4200 fps-eclipsing the .220 Swift for Speed King-and a 40-grain at 3800. _$18; Ruger, 928-541-8820;; and Hornady, 308-382-1390; _