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Leica Ultravid
The new Ultravid series is not only much lighter than previous models but also will last for either 100 years or one hunt with Craig Boddington. Leica shaved off the ounces through the extensive use of titanium and magnesium, which are very light and very strong. The 10×42, for example, weighs only 27 ounces. Now, a word about price: The eight Ultravid models average around $1,500. And we will hear from any number of you who own glasses that cost $39.20 and are as good as an Ultravid. No, they are not. Until you’ve looked through a binocular of this caliber you can’t appreciate what you get. Your face will be wreathed with a beatific smile, and you will say: “I see, I see. Oh, thank you, Field & Stream.” _$1,500; 800-222-0118; _