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**Hoyt Xtec **
This bow is all about melding technology with a shooter-friendly design. Hoyt’s Cam&1/2 system, which gives you the speed of a twin-cam bow and the reliability of a single-cam, zips arrows out at a fast 310 fps (IBO speed). Its 351/2-inch axle-to-axle length and 7-inch brace height make it forgiving of minor errors in shooting form. The revolutionary reflexed TEC riser is a very stable platform, enabling you to shoot with consistency, and the new Triax Pocket Stabilization System provides an extremely precise limb-to-riser contact point-also crucial to regular accuracy. I’d feel comfortable taking it on tree-stand deer hunts, open-country elk and muley hunts, or north-country adventures in horrid weather conditions. You will, too. _$750; 801-363-2990; _

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