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Mercury Verado
After $100 million in R&D; to develop the ultimate in R&R;, Mercury’s new Verado four-stroke outboards are now supercharged. Translation: Power is boosted by forcing a higher air volume into the combustion chamber. One advantage is a split-second hole shot. The big block sounds a lot like a jet engine when it takes off, capable of pushing a 1-ton walleye boat in excess of 60 mph. Before, a minimum of 3 liters of displacement was needed to produce a 250-horse outboard, but the six-cylinder Verado has a displacement of 2.6 liters for 200, 225, 250, and 275 horses. Furthermore, power steering is incredibly smooth, and troublesome accelerator cables are a thing of the past-the controls are entirely digital. Naturally, with a four-stroke, emissions and noise are reduced as well. _$15,895¿¿¿$19,787; 920-929-5000; _

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