Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Spro Power Swivels
Inexpensive and mundane barrel swivels have long been standard equipment in rigging for everything from stripers to steelhead to catfish. Now Spro Corp. has made the mundane into the magnificent with their new Power Swivels, which are substantially smaller and stronger than conventional designs.

The black-finished, stainless-steel swivels are available in sizes 2 through 10 at roughly 30¿¿ each. Smaller and stronger swivels mean less obtrusive rigging, which for many anglers will mean more fish on the bank. Spro Corp., 770-919-1722;
-John Merwin

SOG X-42 Field Knife
In case you’re not a metallurgist, BG-42 is a supertough stainless steel that, until now, was used by only a few custom knife makers. The last BG-42 knife we handled cost $700, but this one is just about $100, and if it isn’t the ideal general-purpose outdoor knife, it will do nicely until something better comes along. It is light (61/2 ounces), has a 5.4-inch blade and a wonderful nonslip Zytel handle, and is darn near indestructible. Sharp? Like a razor. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, 888-764-2378;

Muck Boots
Built around a bootie of soft, breathable 5mm CR-foam (the same stuff used in divers’ dry suits), Muck Boots are luxuriously comfortable, totally waterproof, and 2 pounds lighter than any pair of rubber boots you own. They boast a comfort range of minus 40 to 85 degrees, and you can roll the uppers down to cool your feet off fast. The rubber bottoms are 100 percent noncracking natural rubber. About $89.95. Muck Boot Co., 877-438-6825;
-Philip Bourjaily