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Primos Hoochie Mama
There are myriad mouth calls that can reproduce a cow elk call. The problem with them is that when a slobbering bull gets close to a calling hunter, the hunter is apt to slobber a bit himself or experience cotton mouth so severe that his lips stick shut. Enter Primos’ Hoochie Mama, a hand-operated cow call. Twisting the call’s barrel lengthens the high part of the call, rendering a dandy lost-cow call. Before the call will work, a hole in the rubber bellows must be covered by the hunter’s thumb, which prevents the call from sounding off accidentally. It’s well made and, at under $30, decently priced. At most sporting-goods stores or see
-Lionel Atwill

Storm WildEye Swim Shad
These are some of the most ingenious and effective new lures I’ve seen in ages. Other anglers apparently think so, too. Last spring popular colors were back-ordered at every major U.S. retailer, although that situation should be improved by the time you read this.

This new twist on the old boot-tail grub design includes a molded-in lead jighead cleverly shaped so the deep-bodied lure casts like a rocket but still swims upright. These are not reriggable with fresh bodies like other, more conventional, designs. Internal flashy foil, eyes that appear to move, and well-designed color schemes add to the appeal. I’ve already used these successfully for everything from giant lake trout and pike in Saskatchewan to stripers in southern Massachusetts, with a healthy dose of largemouth and smallmouth bass in between. Available in 3- and 4-inch freshwater sizes, 5- and 6-inch for saltwater. Prices range from about $3 for six (freshwater) to $3 for four (saltwater). See