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Remington Model 504 .22 (pictured on left)
The Model 504, while mostly designed by computers, also received a healthy dose of human input, which makes it the standout that it is. A completely new design, the 504 is loaded with good ideas. It is also distinctive looking and handles beautifully-and it’s as accurate as you could want. Barrel replacement is easy to accomplish, but there are no flies on the factory barrel, which is 20 inches long and has a target crown, match rifling, and a semi-match chamber. Weight is 6 pounds even. $710; 800-243-9700;

Mossberg 935 (pictured on right)
Mossberg’s new magnum autoloader pounds out heavy turkey and waterfowl loads without pounding your wallet. I spent last duck season getting acquainted with the 935, and the more I shot it, the more I liked it. It delivered 31/2-, 3-, and even heavy 23/4-inch loads to the target with unfailing reliability. With its synthetic stock and camo-dipped finish, the 935 has an easy-care exterior to match its simple insides. You don’t have to baby this gun, and it’s priced so low that you don’t even feel bad when you drop it in the mud. With three chokes and a sling, this gun is a deal. _$538 in black; $601 in camo; 203-230-5300; _

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