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Field & Stream Online Editors

Tri-Tronics Collar
The Sport 65 BPR training-ranging collar from Tri-Tronics has 12 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, each of which can be reprogrammed on the run from up to half a mile away. The separate range or point beeper lets you know where Pup is-even in the deepest cover. The pointing-mode beep uses an optional hawk screech that helps stop wild birds from flushing until you get within shooting range. $388. Tri-Tronics, 800-456-4343;
-Peter B. Mathiesen P.B.M.

XM Satellite Radio
If you travel more than 60 miles from home to hunt or fish, it’s time to beam up to XM Satellite Radio. Satellite radio gives you the power to choose what you want to hear 24 hours a day no matter how far off the road you go. XM delivers over 100 basic channels (70 different music and 30 news-talk-sports channels), most of which are commercial-free. There’s even a weather channel for up-to-the-minute regional forecasts. The cost of a radio averages $225 installed, and the monthly subscription rate is $9.99. XM Satellite Radio, 800-852-9696;
– P.B.M.