Zeiss Diascope 65T* FL, Swarovski ATS 65, and Leica Televid 62

Three spotting scopes so good we had to call it a tie.

Zeiss Diascope 65T* FL,
** **Swarovski ATS 65,
and Leica Televid 62

This triumphant triumvirate of Teutonic technology comprises three second-generation superscopes. Unlike the first generation, which were long and heavy, these are about the same size as standard spotting scopes. But they cost more (around $1,200, depending on features and lens size) and will show you a lot more than a standard scope-a whole lot more, in fact. We will let you decide which is the best. See www.zeiss-sportsoptics.de, www.swarovskioptik.com, www.leica-camera.com.