Sedona Spyder Wheel
MSRP: $94.95 for 12-inch wheel; $119.95 for 14-inch wheel

Throwing down some cash for a slick set of custom aftermarket wheels is an easy way to set your ATV or SxS apart from the crowd.

For the last six months, I’ve been hitting the trails with a set of Sedona Spyder wheels bolted onto my Yamaha Rhino 700. These wheels withstood an extensive amount of abuse from yours truly; spending the majority of their time rock crawling, trail riding and mud bogging. I had zero issues with the Spyder wheels, other than some rock rash on the black paint suffered while battling sharp, pointy rocks.

The Spyder wheels are cast aluminum and have a tough looking flat black finish. They are available in 12 or 14 inches, and in bolt patterns that will fit every major manufacturer. So if the Spyder catches your eye, there’s a damn good possibility they’ll fit your rig.

I opted to test the 12-inch wheel, mostly because I prefer the combination of small diameter wheel/tall sidewall tire versus large diameter wheel/short sidewall tire. The 14-inch wheel certainly has more bling, but they’re also significantly heavier than the 12-inch wheel. And a short sidewall tire on the 14-inch wheel leaves the wheel more vulnerable to hard impacts.

Whether you’re in the market for a new set of wheels to help spring new life into your old machine, or you’re trying to elevate a new machine to the next level, the Sedona Spyder is a quality product that deserves a solid look.

– Sturdy cast aluminum construction
– Available in a vast array of bolt patterns, wheel offsets, and as either a 12″ or 14″ wheel
– More economical replacement than buying a stock replacement wheel
– Aggressive looking
– Sedona manufacturers some of the most economical wheels available

– The black finish shows rock abrasions much easier than raw aluminum
– Most likely heavier than a stock wheel, which can rob power