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Power steering is available on many ATVs and UTVs, but it comes at a premium cost. What most consumers try to figure out is just when they will need power steering and if it’s worth the extra $500 to $1,000 on the unit. The short answer is: Yeah, it’s worth it.

The variables you need to consider: the type of terrain you’ll ride through; the general use of the off-road vehicle; and how much time you will spend on the machine.

Although you might think power steering isn’t necessary at first, here’s some food for thought: If your machine is a 4WD, you will notice on a non-EPS (electronic power steering) equipped model that it becomes more difficult to turn the wheel when locked into 4WD. Go from 4WD to 4WD Differential lock, which is offered on many machines as well these days, and feel just how tiresome it becomes to turn.

Do you ride in treacherous terrain? Maybe there are many rutted or rocky dirt roads leading in and out of your deer lease. The electronic power steering gives the driver a lighter steering effort and a feeling of confidence from being in control of the machine.

The final factor is the length of time you spend behind the steering wheel. If you use your UTV for working the ranch and you spend countless hours hauling fencing or hay, the last thing you need is an off-road vehicle that is tough to steer.

Power steering also comes in handy if you’re a big-game hunter hauling a heavy load after a successful day in the field. Keeping the physical stress and strain of controlling the loaded workhorse off of your shoulders will keep you feeling better at the end of the day.