The market for the quality ATV today also comes with a higher price tag. I get it. But there are reasons that the machines you have been eyeballing on roadsides and at the local tire shop are so cheap. Many riders will understand the reasons I am about to list, but some will simply just look at the amount of money they have to shell out and their minds will already be made up. Do yourself a favor and weigh these considerations if you are considering the cheap way out on your ATV.

1. Support
If you purchase an ATV and ride that machine sooner or later you will need some type of support for it. The type of support may vary, but the fact is if you buy a known major brand, you can count on having the name-brand dealer or manufacturer back you up in times of trouble. Most of the cheap copy machines are all yours once purchased, and rarely do you get support after the money changes hands

2. Reliability
This is a simple principle that you won’t see when crunching numbers before a purchase. But you’ll see it when your knock-off ride breaks before its first oil change. Buying quality name brands buys you reliability, in most cases. Breaking down on a ranch, or a long way from your truck, or just about anywhere is not going to make you happy. The knock-offs use cheaper materials that are often not even tested for durability, so you put not only your adventure in jeopardy, but also even your safety.

3. Parts
This can be the most frustrating end of the cheap ATV spectrum because even if you are lucky enough to find someone to work on the new hunting rig, you may not be able to get any parts for it. This means all of the money you have invested on the cheap has actually been thrown out the window all together.