kolpin scabbard

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The Kolpin gun scabbard Kolpin

Many hunters ride their ATV or UTV to the stand, which means they’ll be toting a gun with them. There are many aftermarket carry devices, including gun scabbards and pistol cases, that are made to keep the weapon, as well as the rider, safe. So here are my three picks for riding with a firearm.

1. Gun Scabbard: For many years, Kolpin has been making storage devices for safely transporting rifles. Always be sure that your rifle is completely unloaded and that there are no rounds chambered before installing it in the gun scabbard. This keeps you safe, and in some states, it’s the law.

2. Gun Boot: Gun boots are often included in the interior of hard-plastic gun scabbards. These keep the scratches down and protect your favorite rifle from the harsh trail as you make your way to the stand. The downside of these cases is that moisture can form in their soft fabric. To prevent rust, my advice is only to leave the rifle in the case during transport and to remove it when you get back to camp.

3. Gun Clamps: Gun clamps have become popular on ATVs, since they bolt to the front or rear rack and simply clamp your rifle into place. They tend to work well, but trail obstructions can get to your rifle while you ride. Limbs and branches along the trail can not only grab at and potentially damage your rifle but also move a sight turret. Be sure to always lock or cover your elevation, as well as windage turrets, to keep that rifle sighted dead on.