Outdoor Skills – Hunting Q&A

My brother has a 12-gauge side-by-side shotgun with "rabbit ears" made by the American Gun Co. You recently wrote that it may have been made by the Crescent Firearms Co. I have the serial number of this gun, and we'd like to find out what year this gun was made (approximately) and its worth. --C.P.

According to Ned Schwing’s Standard Catalog of Firearms, the American Gun Co. was the private brand of H&D; Folsom of New York City, and the guns were indeed made by Crescent Firearms Co. of Norwich, Connecticut. The American brand was manufactured between 1892 and 1922, and an outside-hammer gun (the rabbit ears you mention) would be worth between $250 and $800, depending on condition. If it looks like it’s been used much at all, it would be worth closer to the lower figure than the upper.