Outdoor Skills – Hunting Q&A

My son has outgrown the stock on his left-hand Browning A-Bolt .25/06. I'm looking for a synthetic stock that can take wear and tear but can't seem to find one. --R.T.

“Probably because of low demand, nobody seems to make an aftermarket synthetic stock for the left-hand A-Bolt. Even Browning doesn’t make their synthetic-stocked Stalker in left-hand models. Bell & Carlson does make a synthetic for the right-hand A-Bolt, which would probably work if you rasped a slot for the bolt-handle on the left side of the stock. They’re available through Brownells (800-741-0015; www.brownells.com). If that doesn’t appeal to you (it doesn’t to me), you might have to settle for a replacement walnut stock from Browning. “