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If you’re looking for the ultimate in handgun-shooting thrills, look no further. The .454 Casull, formerly a wildcat cartridge, is now loaded by Winchester. It’s about 11¿¿2 times as powerful as a .44 Magnum, and will make a believer out of you, whatever you’re shooting at, and everything else within a mile. Ruger has adapted its big, strong Super Redhawk double-action to the .454. It’s a six-shooter with a 71¿¿2-inch barrel, unfluted cylinder, a matte stainless-steel finish, and a weight of 53 ounces. If you’d rather not shoot .454s (which come in three terrifying loadings) you can use mild-kicking .45 Long Colt ammo instead. The price, which includes a locking high-impact case, is $745.