This new long-action Savage is a robust handful of rifle that is better mated with the 7mm STW or the .300 Rem. Ultra Mag., for which it is intended, than the .270 Win. version that we tested. As a .270, .30/06 or even 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag. or .338 Win. Mag., in which the 116BSS is also offered, it’s simply too heavy and clunky. Think of it mainly as a platform for the new super-cartridges, which take up lots of room in the magazine and action and need a 26-inch barrel to burn a big load of powder, and you get a better idea of what this Savage is all about. As a .270, and as a rifle, the 116BSS delivered somewhat mediocre accuracy, no matter what ammo we fed it, with groups ranging from 1.254 inches to 2.488 inches. Comments such as heavy rifle with one of the heaviest triggers I’ve tried, and horrible trigger geometry, give you some idea of how our panel members felt.