There were so many outstanding scopes in this year’s class of newcomers that none of us knew, until all the numbers were tallied, which would garner the highest rating and emerge as Editor’s Choice. Yet no one was surprised when it turned out to be the Swarovski 6-18×50 AV (American Variable). After all was said and done, it had the best resolution, best low-light performance, best flare control and perfect tracking. It is a precision-shooter’s dream that will complement rifles chambered for far-reaching cartridges, from the .220 Swift to the .300 Rem. Ultra Mag. and beyond. Its main tube is machined from a solid piece of special-alloy bar stock for maximum strength, lighter weight and better waterproof integrity, and it has an adjustable objective for precise image focusing and parallax correction. At an estimated street price of around $800, this Austrian-made scope is a real bargain.