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Now completely recovered from the fire that destroyed part of its factory several years ago, Thompson/Center adds to its line with products that include new calibers and finish options for its Encore pistols and rifles and an all-new blackpowder rifle called the Black Mountain. It comes in four versions: .50-caliber, with both walnut or composite stocks; .54-caliber with walnut stock; and 12-gauge smoothbore with composite stock. The rifles have 26-inch barrels with 1-in-28-inch twist and feature Tru-Glo fiber-optic sights. The shotgun has a 27-inch barrel. Black Mountain combines traditional sidelock muzzleloading styling with rough-and-ready space-age materials and technology. It’s an ideal rifle for black-powder hunters who want an all-weather gun but hunt in states where in-line muzzleloaders aren’t allowed. Thompson/Center Arms Co. (P.O. Box 5002, Rochester, NH 03866; 603-332-2394).