The Complete Outdoorsman

50 skills every sportsman should know.

Field & Stream Online Editors

Are you the outdoorsman your grandfather was? Probably not. He came from a time when, if you were a sportsman, you could do it all-shoot straight, cast a plug, paddle a canoe, skin a deer, and get in and out of the woods without consulting something that talks to satellites. What he brought to the game was skills, and lots of them. He would have been aghast at your inability to read a deer track, wield an axe, build a shelter, or find your way by the stars. To him, you were a sportsman because you had put in your time and learned, mostly the hard way. All the tools you needed were your head and your hands. Here are some of the basics he relied on. We can’t promise that these pages will teach you everything you need to know, but we guarantee that if you learn these 50 skills, you will be a lot closer to being what he was-a sportsman. -The Editors