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Hanging a fixed-position tree stand with tree steps can be a pain in the neck, especially if you fall out of the tree doing it. You can make the chore much easier and safer if you follow this step-by-step system.

**(1) **Pick a reasonably straight tree, look up, and figure out where you want your stand to hang. Mentally mark the spot.

(2) In relation to where the front of the stand will be, can you more easily climb up the left- or the right-hand side of the tree? No tree is exactly straight and even a slight angle can make a big difference. Pick the side that will keep your body weight leaning into the tree. This makes climbing and screwing in steps a lot easier.

(3) Put on a fall-restraint device. There are two good reasons: First, a large percentage of falls occur during the act of hanging stands; second, the climbing belts available with many of the better devices give you added leverage for screwing in steps.

(4) Put your steps in, spaced a comfortable distance apart, until the last is a couple of feet below where your stand’s platform will be.

(5) Now put in another right next to the last one, so that you have two steps on the same level about a foot apart. This gives you a level, sturdy, two-footed purchase while you are hanging the stand.

**(6) **While standing on these two steps, put another just above your head. This gives you something to hang onto when getting in and out of the stand, it’s handy for hanging a daypack or rattling antlers, and it makes step No. 7 possible.

**(7) **Pull the stand up using a rope attached to the stand’s seat section. When you’ve got the stand where you want it, tie the rope off to the step above your head. Now you don’t have to hold up the stand while you attach it to the tree.

(8) Attach the stand to the tree.

(9) Finally, place a step slightly above the stand’s platform and aligned with your outside foot. This is the step you’ll use to get into and out of your tree stand.