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Field & Stream Online Editors

Think you know all the bucks roaming your hunting ground? Put out a remote camera system and prepare for some surprises. Using one properly can provide more than just an entertaining show of antlers. It may also reveal an ambush spot. Here are four tips for better remote pictures:

(1) Timing Is Everything Capturing bucks on film is best done during two periods: late summer, while bucks are still in bachelor groups; and during the pre-rut. Though deer are highly active during peak rut, they’re also unpredictable.

(2) Find the Food Late-summer bucks are suckers for a salad bar, so set your camera on fresh sign in alfalfa and soybean fields, apple orchards, or browse sources.

(3) Use Buck Sign for a Backdrop Pre-rut scrapes are to whitetails what fire hydrants are to dogs, and you can sweeten such a spot by adding scent. Licking branches and signpost rubs are more great posing places for bucks.

(4) Maximize Your Setup If there are no trees for camera mounting, set a pair of light steel stakes at the right spot. Prune leafy tree limbs growing close to the camera, as they may trigger a heat-sensitive shutter. Finally, save extra pennies for film and developing¿¿¿you’ll need them once you get hooked!