Freaks of nature: a five-legged buck
Field & Stream Online Editors

Whoppers are shot across Manitoba, but the eastern half of the province may get the nod in 2001; western Manitoba was blanketed with heavy snows last winter. Provincial wildlife biologist Vice Crighton says mature bucks, which enter the winter worn out from the rut, can succumb to severe winter weather. Nevertheless, a new record non-typical, scoring 2657/8, was shot in the southwest last season by Howard G. Pauls, of Morden. The previous record came from the Interlake region. A typical scoring 196 was killed east of Winnipeg in 1999. Crighton says that the province’s whitetail herd currently numbers 200,000 or more. In Manitoba, deer hunting occurs as far north as The Pas, with a smattering of whitetails taking up residence as far north as Thompson. Last year, the hunter harvest was estimated at about 29,000; of that number, 20,000 were bucks. This year, the season has been extended a week, offering additional hunting opportunity.