In the pantheon of great next-day meals–cold pizza, lasagna, chili–none is held in such high regard as hash. This humble-­jumble of leftovers transforms last night’s dinner into a hearty camp breakfast that prepares you for the day better than instant oatmeal ever could.

Roughly chop a couple of man-size handfuls of steak, roast, loin, or burger into deer-pellet-size pieces. Hack up a cooked potato, one onion, and whatever veggies happen to be within reach. Next comes a bit of liquid–stock, gravy, even stale beer–but just enough to moisten everything; you’re not making stew here. Two splashes of Worcestershire sauce are a must, as is a healthy pinch of salt and enough black pepper to make you sneeze.

Melt an artery-clogging amount of butter in a cast-iron pan and dump everything in. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or, if you’ve punched your tag, a Bloody Mary. Don’t touch the pan for 10 minutes.

Once a good crust has formed, flip the hash and brown the other side. Ideally, you’ll have a couple of over-easy eggs ready when it’s done, runny enough to hold everything together as you shovel it into your mouth atop a crusty piece of toast.