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Here’s how to hold a dinner party the Field & Stream way: Try one of the recipes below to create a great meal that you and your guests can enjoy.

We’d love to hear about your holiday stories. If any readers have a Thanksgiving recipe they’d like to share, post it in the comments or email the Wild Chef bloggers at fswildchef@gmail.com.


Smoked Turkey Legs
For maximum flavor, prep the night before by dunking the legs in your favorite spice rub or brine. When you’re ready to cook, plop them on the smoker for a few hours and enjoy a few brews while you wait.


Turkey Tetrazzini
Looking for ways to get rid of leftover turkey? Follow this easy recipe and turn leftovers hidden in the back of the fridge into a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy.


Wild Turkey Bourbon Glaze
Treat your guests to a great meal by putting this tasty glaze all over the bird. And the best part: You can sip from the bottle while taking a break from a hectic day of cooking.


Mushroom Milk Braised Turkey Legs
To the people who fall into the breast-man category: You’re missing out on a lot of good and tasty meat if you throw away the legs. Try it once and you’ll never let a pair of turkey legs get away again.


Grilled Wild Turkey
You worked hard hunting that turkey. Now savor your free-range, organic bird by cooking it in the purest way: over fire on a charcoal grill. You can use a gas grill if you must.


Wild Turkey Pot Pie
Forget about the frozen, supermarket pot pies you ate in childhood. This pie boasts an ultraflaky crust with a luscious mix of veggies, herbs, and wild turkey. Leftover bird never tasted so good.


Turkey Breasts with a Coffee-Coriander Rub
Ground coffee has been a “secret” barbecue rub ingredient for years. Mixed with ground coriander seed, it’ll give your grilled turkey breast a smoky, exotic, and eye-opening kick.


Best Grilled Wild Turkey Breasts. Ever
You don’t need lavish ingredients or complex flavor profiles to create memorable meals. This recipe only has five ingredients, but the end result is packed with flavor. Be sure to make extras because the kids will gobble it up.


Chef Kerry Heffernan’s Thanksgiving Wild Turkey
Chef Heffernan is know for his seafood skills, but he can cook a mean bird. Try this recipe for an 11- to 13-pound dressed bird, and don’t be surprised when guests ask you to cook the bird next year.


Soy Lemon Turkey Tenders
This quick and easy recipe works great on any piece of the turkey. Try using the best parts—the long strips of meat just under the breasts—to make the tenders.