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“God’s Country”

Photo submitted by kampnyak


User Description: A day of ice fishing turned into a day of artwork since the nice northern pike in this lake were not cooperating. Made with a shovel and some sweat, this day was too perfect not to get some kind of photo. Here’s to God’s Country!

“Hunting Cupcakes”

Photo submitted by Cory


User Description: I turned 35 this weekend and my wife baked some cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. Knowing my love of hunting she made both the cakes and frosting camo. The chocolate stag on top is freehand. I’m a lucky guy!

“First Fishing Date Reels in Big Redfish, Second Date”

Photo submitted by Megan-Elizabeth


User Description: When a guy I recently started dating asked me to go on a fishing date I was immediately excited,and then panicked.Images of my lure hooked into his shoulder flashed before me.Luckily when Captain Bradley Waldrop brought me to a secret fishing hole in St.Augustine,FL, this 28.5″Redfish was all I found.Big Red was too big to keep,but I was asked back for at least one more cast.Watch out for my lure!

“October Sunrise”

Photo submitted by Tom Kallemeyn


User Description: October sunrise waiting to hear the whistling wings of northern mallards on the Missouri River…

“Winter Catfish”

Photo submitted by boof


User Description: This 5 lber was released.

“My Daughter’s First Year Deer Hunting”

Photo submitted by Tom Carlson


User Description: The last day of the season 2011. The deer stands are down and we just needed a place to sit for the last evening. The snow was falling and it was very quiet. It was an amazing afternoon.

“A Great Day on the Water!”

Photo submitted by SDhunt


User Description: Fishing in the Black Hills on a wild trout stream. Doesn’t get much better than this.

“Fishing for Whitefish”

Photo submitted by kduvall


User Description: Just fishing for some whitefish and happen to see an ore boat going bye the shack window.

“Starter Fish for the Year!”

Photo submitted by KaseyLMyers


User Description: Decided to take the boat out for fishing today, no hopes of catching anything with my bad luck! Well, all I have to say is I was wrong! Used a neon yellow and white crappie jig and the fish couldn’t get enough! We all caught one fish right after the other! Perfect relaxation(; May not be the biggest fish but I’m happy with it for my start to this years fishing!

“Applegate River Steelhead”

Photo submitted by Neil J. Selbicky


User Description: Caught this winter steelhead late January in the Applegate River.