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“Henry’s Lake Cutthroat”

Photo submitted by fishfinagler


User Description: Black Friday cutthroat caught at Henry’s Lake in Idaho. We pulled nothing but 22 inch cutthroats out all day and that’s not even big for that lake.

“3 ft Hole”

Photo submitted by fishfinagler


User Description: Drilled by hand…was very sore the next day.

“Fox Den Trail Camera Pics”

Photo submitted by cnggack


User Description: Home made sony P41 trail camera set up on a fox den

“20 1/2 Inch Brown Trout”

Photo submitted by tfranks.wi


User Description: Although it’s been a bitterly cold and long winter this year here in Wisconsin, I’ve still been able to figure out the trout. Caught this great 20 and 1/2 inch brown trout just about a beaver dam in a deep hole. Best trout of the year!

“Jan. Strutting Duo”

Photo submitted by cnggack


User Description: Homemade sony S600 trail camera pic.

“American Mink”

Photo submitted by James Stugart


User Description: I was going for a walk yesterday when I heard a noise down over the bank towards the creek so I went and looked over when this little guy popped his head up and left me take a picture of him.

“Giant Minnesota Black Bear”

Photo submitted by


User Description: I saw a small bear the night before while bowhunting and the following day to my surprise this 640 pound boar stepped out of the corn on the same trail. I shot it in the shoulder with a 30-30 from 70 yards out and then he charged toward me. Finally at 20 yards, I landed a deadly shot!

“Kindergarten Spring Break”

Photo submitted by Rebecca Renter


User Description: Gus, 6, caught this walleye at the dam outlet while casting from shore with a jig. He said “I reeled it in all myself. Dad thought I had a snag and he was busy helping my brother. Best spring break ever!”

“8 lb. Large Mouth I Caught in Weymouth Reservoir M.A. 3/24/13 Personal Best!!”

Photo submitted by Peteypablo84


User Description: Temp was 34 degrees out! Biggest bass I have caught in my whole life! I caught this beast on a pumpkin seed Mop Jig with a Watermelon Wully Bully Trailer. The best part was the 50 foot fight she gave me!! If anyone is wondering “YES” of course I released the beautiful fish back to her natural hunting grounds. Thank you FISH GODS!

“Keeper Steelhead in Idaho”

Photo submitted by


User Description: We drove from Minnesota out to Stites, Idaho for the Steelhead run in early March this year. We fished for 3 days and came away with 2 keepers and caught 7 natives, the hen in the picture was 34 inches and 13 pounds! It was great to get out of the MN cold for a few days and do some fishing out in the mountains, totally worth the 23 hour drive!

“Trophy Buck”

Photo submitted by Jimmy Sturgill


User Description: I killed this 27 point buck with a Remington 30_06.

“Montana Perch”

Photo submitted by fishfinagler


User Description: Caught through the ice, had a lot of fun catching perch all day on Trout Magnets.

“Whitey’s Last Trail Cam Photo”

Photo submitted by Gary Devine


User Description: The piebald buck shown in this photo has disappeared seven months ago. This is my last trail camera photo of “Whitey” on August 31, 2012. A property owner two miles from my hunting lease found eighteen dead deer on his land floating in water. I think a disease killed this eight point buck. Mother Nature can be tough on wildlife.

“Summer Time Boys”

Photo submitted by Drenter


User Description: Hot day, but the white bass and the boys didn’t mind. Lots of fish that day – Cal (8) and Gus (6) are showing off a few.

“Big Snook”

Photo submitted by Ncarl


User Description: This was the fish of the Florida fishing trip. Never measured and weighed him but I estimate he was around 32.5-33″ and at least 12 lbs.