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“Our First Walleye”

Photo submitted by Preston Marcelo Pagat


User Description: It was in the mid thirties and the wind was blowing 10 to 15 mph but my 9 year old Brandon just had to try out his new baitcaster. So we bundled up and headed to the spillway. As I was rigging up my pole he hooked up this nice walleye after just five casts. Just look at the smile on his face and you know exactly how he feels about his 22 inch walleye!

“A ‘First’ for an Addicted Bird Hunter”

Photo submitted by crosbychief


User Description: Helping one of the guides set up tree stands for brown bear in western Alaska….brought along the trusty 11-87, and was thrilled to run into some willow ptarmigan, one of which fell to a load of # 7 1/2s. Very tasty.

“Applegate River, Oregon Steelhead”

Photo submitted by Neil J. Selbicky


User Description: Caught this spring steelhead on a Brown Forked Tail Prince Nymph.

“4×4 Mulie in Montana”

Photo submitted by JosephsullyNW


User Description: Shot this deer on a cold day in Montana, deer were rutting after a snow storm hit Montana.

“Catch and Release Snook”

Photo submitted by vpolidoro


User Description: Catch and release only on the West Coast of Florida, but this snook was way outside the slot limit in any case. 40 inches, 13 pounds, caught with a soft plastic swim lure. Considered a lure change when she made a pass so I stayed with it. Five minutes later she hooked up. Good decision! Release was vigorous after a few strokes.

“42 1/2 Inch Lake Trout!”

Photo submitted by Rance Hertz


User Description: I caught and released this Lake Trout out of Flathead Lake with my good friend Dick Zimmer owner of Zimmer Tackle last week. This is my largest Mac as of yet but I know there is bigger! I caught it in 307 ft. of water! With a jig that Dick makes.

“Opening Day Buck”

Photo submitted by ZachW


User Description: Opening day of the 2012 bow season, I was hunting over a food plot. This buck came in from behind with another smaller buck, he was cruising pretty good so I stoped him with a bleat at 45 yards, and let one fly. The rage passed through clean and he went down in 80 yards.

“Night Fox”

Photo submitted by chasew37


User Description: This fox decided to come out for a nighttime stroll after a snow…

“25-Inch 5lb Rainbow”

Photo submitted by Josh Clarke


User Description: Nice trout caught out of a small brook in upstate NY.

“Two and a Half Generations”

Photo submitted by crosbychief


User Description: Last day of two weeks, fresh snow….most of the roosters beat feet out of the distant corner of the slough, but we plugged away and caught up with them a mile back in off the road. Both of the old dogs seem pretty happy with the pup.

“My Son’s First Steelhead”

Photo submitted by jshaw9879


User Description: After 2 years of teaching my 9 year old son Jacob, how to drift egg sacks through the runs and pools of our local creek; he finally caught his first steelhead. 30 inch 7 lbs 13 oz, a trophy, and father/son bonding at its best.

“Reading Field and Stream”

Photo submitted by katiejdunbar


User Description: My one year old daughter has to have her field and stream magazine while on the potty. 🙂