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“Giant Iowa 8 Pointer”

Photo submitted by triplebeam1978


User Description: On January 5th 2013 during Iowa’s muzzleloader season I was driving by my hunting spot after my morning hunt & seen a giant 8 point buck cross a corn field & bed in a small parcel of timber,so that evening I set up on that same cornfield he crossed in th am.Like a dream come true at 4:00 he came out and headed my way after about 15 minutes he stopped & I shot him.He grosses in the low 160’s

“Delaware River COW”

Photo submitted by willfishforfood


User Description: My girlfriend caught her first keeper striped bass today and called for smiles, it went 44″ and weighed in at 39 lbs! After a quick picture, she was promptly released to head upriver, drop her eggs, and hopefully fight another day!

“1 lb 12 oz Crappie”

Photo submitted by andrewbrass


User Description: I caught this crappie using a bluegill rattle trap. I thought it was a bass at first. I took the photo and quickly released.

“First Cobia”

Photo submitted by jayderman


User Description: We were floating blue runners when this 36 inch cobia hit

“Ohio Youth Season Double Up”

Photo submitted by Chappy57


User Description: I’m a teacher and was lucky enough to take two of my students out for Ohio’s youth season. I managed to call a long beard and two jakes into our deoy spread and the boys took care of the rest. It was more exciting and gratifying than any bird I have ever taken myself.

“Another Day Another Blue”

Photo submitted by Denny S


User Description: Moved to shollow water and started catching more blues.

“Looking to the Sky”

Photo submitted by boof


User Description: Our crankbait watched as the storm clouds moved in.

“Ol’ Tommy Gobbles!!!”

Photo submitted by Shane Mays


User Description: There was a valley between us. He would answer every call but wouldn’t come any closer. Finally I had enough so I took a risky move and crossed a pipeline in order to head him off…. He came right to my call!! Thank the Lord!! 10 inch beard!

“Nice Bass”

Photo submitted by kevinamack


User Description: Hooked this largemouth on a yama craw!

“Fresh Chrome in the Salmon River”

Photo submitted by Mike Deyo


User Description: I caught this one using a blue egg sack under a float on my Center Pin rod.