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“Opening Day 2013”

Photo submitted by bmeckbach


User Description: My 4 year old and I, armed with two poles and my self made knife. Great day.

“Idaho Youth Turkey Hunt – Opening Day Success”

Photo submitted by jjstreetz


User Description: One heck of a big ol’ Tom for Jackson. If you’re gonna hunt it – you’re gonna pack it out (and your decoys too).

“Alaska King”

Photo submitted by Avi8er


User Description: Great day of fishing, fly-in trip to Coal Creek, AK. 35 Lb King caught on blue #5 vibrax, water high and deep.Caught June 24, 2005.

“Traditional Double”

Photo submitted by Mathiashunter


User Description: Sat in a ground blind for about four hours before these two thunder chickens came in. I harvested them about 3 minutes apart, one at 19 yards and the other at 10 yards. This was my first double on turkeys, first turkeys with a bow AND my first kill with traditional archery, needless to say it was a great morning!

“Huge Flounder”

Photo submitted by Jared Esley


User Description: Caught this four pound flounder while pre fishing for a kayak tournament.

“First Trout”

Photo submitted by wes912


User Description: This 27 1/2” rainbow was caught by my 4 year old son on 4lb test

“Mill Pond Crappie”

Photo submitted by eman88


User Description: Well we went to the old Manchester Mill Pond in Ga and we weren’t hitting a lick on any fish and I didn’t ever think any fish were in the pond. So I tried all my lures and finally my spinner bait and WHAM caught the biggest crappie in my life.

“Brother In-Law’s Biggest Bass”

Photo submitted by sparky76


User Description: Kevin Owen caught this fish in my private lake, on a cold and rainy day in April.

“Mr. Stud Muffin”

Photo submitted by rlecroy


User Description: IWe were at Amity Campground in Lanett AL. He was giving us a show struttin and gobbling back at us. It was a Priceless moment to watch him.. He was 30yds from us… : )

“Missouri Snows”

Photo submitted by pkat7658


User Description: My husband took this picture of me with a few of the snow geese we got during a recent spring snow goose hunt in Missouri. We had a great time hunting with our sons and their wives! We also want to thank the wonderful farmers in Missouri for always letting us hunt on their land. It is greatly appreciated!