Whitetail Hunting photo

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Congratulations to users cnggack, Jeff Eno, and Reese King.

“Supper Time”

Photo submitted by cnggack


User Description: This fox has 8 kits and I got this trail cam pic of them nursing in front of the den site.

“Lynx Love is in the Air”

Photo submitted by Jeff Eno


User Description: I had my camera set up on my trapline this spring and caught these two cats doing “the deed”.

“Wait! My Hair’s Not Fixed!”

Photo submitted by Reese King


User Description: I photoghaphed this doe coming down a trough trail from an AG field in western Tennessee. She stuck her face right into the camera, thus you can see every detail on her face and neck.

“Winter Wile E. Coyote”

Photo submitted by ArvoMaki


User Description: Scored this awesome photo in my childhood hunting grounds.

“Tic Tac Toe”

Photo submitted by burckart


User Description: A bachelor group posing for the camera.

“Fox Kits on the Den”

Photo submitted by cnggack


User Description: This fox has 8 kits in this same den site that I put my cameras on last year.

“One-Horned Wonder”

Photo submitted by Derric Fuchs


User Description: The two-antlered version of this guy teased us throughout rifle season last year, only making appearances in the last minute or two of daylight, far too far away to even get a very good look at. This was his debut on the trail cam. We found his missing antler about a week after this photo was taken. Have not yet found this one tho. Sure am glad he survived the season, to be hunted again next year.

“Barn Owl Nesting in Hunting Stand”

Photo submitted by Versie Crews Sr.


User Description: We found animal bones and debris in out stand, so we set up our camera to try and find out what done it after a few days we retrieved the memory card. It was this barn owl and her mate.

“Turcock Sighting?”

Photo submitted by bronco8090


User Description: We just leased a new property in central Alabama for next season and decided to put some trail cameras out to get an inventory of the deer and turkey population. When I checked the cameras after the first week, I couldn’t believe what I saw! We had multiple pictures of this peacock strutting with jakes and hens.

“Motherly Love”

Photo submitted by denkmh


User Description: I got this picture on my bushnell trail camera of a whitetail doe bonding with her baby fawn. How cute is this!!!!

“Showing Off”

Photo submitted by Rcidaho


User Description: Scouting last summer in Utah, for upcoming muzzleloader elk hunt.

“Redtail Hawk After a Fox Squirrel”

Photo submitted by fox2usp


User Description: This squirrel was a frequent visitor to my feeder. I didn’t see him again after this day.

“I Was Here First!”

Photo submitted by mgrall


User Description: My brother suggested one day to try placing a camera lower to the ground for a different perspective on wildlife. Low and behold, I ended up capturing two hawks fighting.

“Back Scratcher”

Photo submitted by kstoneking


User Description: This black bear was headed down for water and on his way back up scratched his back against the camera and broke the strap. Then went to the other tree and as you can see the camera is tilted as he rubs his back on that tree.

“Wall Mount Preview”

Photo submitted by weingartenj


User Description: I hope that fan ends up on my wall.

“Until We Meet Again!”

Photo submitted by Wade Keller


User Description: Maybe this will be the year I get a pin on this guy, come the first week of August he has disappeared for the last two years!

“Crow and Hawk”

Photo submitted by zingor68


User Description: Hawk eating crow.

“Morning Coyote”

Photo submitted by bryce wood


User Description: I was looking for deer but got this nice coyote instead.

“Fox on the Front Deck”

Photo submitted by debbie johnson


User Description: This female fox was on the front deck everyday for weeks.

“Bear on the Front Deck”

Photo submitted by debbie johnson


User Description: Anyone home?

“Sunbathing Heron”

Photo submitted by 870wingmasterbasscaster


User Description: Either this great blue heron is soaking up the sun or communicating with the extraterrestrials.

“Caight in the Fight”

Photo submitted by danburnett


User Description: First day of spring and snow on the ground. Two Missouri bucks (still with antlers) locked up in a fight.

“Big Buck”

Photo submitted by Jason Butterfield


User Description: Started getting pictures of this big guy late last year. Hope he is there next year.

“Lazy Lynx”

Photo submitted by Jeff Eno


User Description: This lynx is laying around enjoying some warm spring weather up here in the Yukon Territory.

“Moonlight Madness”

Photo submitted by burckart


User Description: A coyote hunting on top of a ridge at sun set.