$11 for 25; ( Target shooters often say, “To hit is history, to miss is a mystery.” Winchester’s AA TrAAcker changes all that. Its high-visibility wad has helical vanes like an arrow to fly true, and a hollow post in the base that captures 1⁄8 ounce of shot to provide ballast. The wad flies with the pattern for 35 to 40 yards, showing whether your pattern went dead center, fell a little behind, or missed by a mile. Essentially, this is a nonflammable tracer that costs only a dollar more than regular target loads. TrAAckers come in two 12-gauge 11⁄8-ounce loadings (3 and 23⁄4 drams), replicating the ballistics of two popular Winchester target loads. The wads are either orange, for wooded backgrounds and under lights, or black, for clear skies. TrAAckers were designed as a coaching aid, and they can tell a coach where an errant shot flew. And they make shooting more fun as well. You can see exactly how badly your buddies missed a target and razz them accordingly.

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