Trail Camera photo

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Congratulations to users Ty Heitschmidt, nelsojon, and Willy4003. They each get a Bushenll Trophy Cam HD for their Round 2 photos below. We’ll be contacting you soon.

Our contest is far from over. Enter your trail cam shots in Round 3 now for your chance at a Trophy Cam HD and to get in the running for a Bushnell prize pack valued at more than $1,200!

“Take Cover”

Photo submitted by Ty Heitschmidt


User Description: Got this yearling fawn taking cover under its mom… from a hawk whose eyes were bigger than his stomach.

“Bobcat Vs. Coyotes”

Photo submitted by nelsojon


User Description: Coyotes and a bobcat fighting over a deer carcass in the Paulina area of Central Oregon.

“Fox Kit”

Photo submitted by Willy4003


User Description: Taken 5/13/13 at 2:09am in Northern Minnesota.

“Adorable Little Cubs”

Photo submitted by Gary Devine


User Description: I set up three motion trail cameras last month in bear country. Each camera was in a different area. One was near a beaver pond, one was on a mountain top and one was above a ravine near a thicket of rhododendrons. The camera near the thicket was the only one with photos of cubs. These tiny bear cubs are the smallest cubs I ever got on trail camera photos.

“Pretty Twins”

Photo submitted by dreinsha


User Description: These are a pair on twins that my camera caught this spring on my farm in NY.

“Cascade Fox”

Photo submitted by nelsojon


User Description: Cascade fox are a rare subspecies of red fox that occurs in the mountains of Oregon and Washington. The silver or black phase is common. This one is a little ratty looking because it is shedding its winter coat.

“Speckled Scare”

Photo submitted by JamesMcF


User Description: When I uploaded the chip from this trail I was amazed to see a Speckled Rattlesnake! He was crossing the exact path that I take when I retrieve my game cam. I decided to be a bit more cautious on my next visit.

“Ruffed Grouse Drumming at Dawn”

Photo submitted by Willy4003


User Description: Taken 5/12/13 at 4:48am in Northern Minnesota.

“Bear in the Back”

Photo submitted by jayderman


User Description: Theres a big bear around town and he was in the back yard

“Whoa! She’s Crazy!”

Photo submitted by astreet28


User Description: As I tried to get pictures of deer for my annual spring deer survey I came across this picture of this turkey doing whatever it was doing and a deer staring with wonder.I have definitely never seen a turkey look like it is going to blow up

“Cub’s First Tree”

Photo submitted by Gary Devine


User Description: The sow is watching her little cub learning to climb a tree. Climbing a tree could save the cub’s life from predators like coyotes, bobcats, stray dogs or even a large boar black bear. In most cases the sow will aggressively and successfully fight off predators.

“Starting to Grow”

Photo submitted by brandoneureka


User Description: This Kansas buck is shaping up to be a dandy. The spring growth period is great to capture on trail cams

“Mountain Lion”

Photo submitted by nelsojon


User Description: A mountain lion feeding on a deer carcass in the mountains of Central Oregon.

“Fox Family”

Photo submitted by Willy4003


User Description: Taken 5/14/13 at 7:07am in Northern Minnesota.

“Hawk Taking My Fox Bait”

Photo submitted by cnggack


User Description: Tried a new set on a fox den but this is the best pic I got out of it.

“Ram with Attitude”

Photo submitted by JamesMcF


User Description: I uploaded my game cam chip to find that a mature Desert Bighorn ram had used a deer trail to graze. He just seems so darn confident that I dubbed him “ram with attitude.” This is another one going up on our wall.

“Bear Ate My Camera!!!”

Photo submitted by William Baker


User Description: I put out my BRAND NEW camera for the first time last summer and when I checked it the camera was on the ground at the base of the tree continously taking pictures. When i shut it off it was at 1236 pics! This was the only one that wasn’t of the sky taken while the camera was lying on the ground facing up. Camera was all chewed up and there was a tooth puncture right through the lens!

“Bears Relaxing by the Feeder”

Photo submitted by hokie


User Description: I have four bushnell trophy cams they all work great

“Kansas Dandies”

Photo submitted by brandoneureka


User Description: These bucks sure are not camera shy


Photo submitted by jayderman


User Description: Put camera on a dust site and something must have spooked birds.