Best Sight of 2013: Redring Optical Shotgun Sight

$750 ( What's most to like about the Redring is that there's not much to it. No doubt, some sights are better, or worse, when it comes to sight picture. But I have, frankly, always had trouble acquiring the red dot in many reflexes; the bright and generous crimson LED circle (which automatically adjusts to background light) in the Swedish-made Redring is impossible to miss. Beyond that, the Redring is put together with a minimum of parts, including large pieces of mono-bloc machining for extreme sturdiness. Too big for handguns, the sight comes with spacers and clamps to fit on shotgun ribs between 5 and 11.5mm, with no zero alignment required. The circle covers a 60cm diameter at 20 meters and so acts as a rangefinder, telling you not to shoot if the target's too small in the ring. You can check the battery level and set the sleep timer from six to two hours via a USB port and cable. This sight lets you shoot with both eyes wide open. --Tom McIntyre