Big Game Hunting Gear photo

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$395; ( It may be an expensive piece of equipment, but it has the best grip, the best sheath, and the best overall design of any knife we’ve gotten to test. Most important, it will outcut them all. DiamondBlade’s Friction Forging process, which is now patented, gives you an edge so hard and so tough that it’s almost impossible to dull. The Meridian is assuredly a hunting knife, but its slender, drop-point 4.5-inch blade is a versatile shape that will work for almost any purpose. The nice, long handle is the same Suregrip pattern that’s used for Knives of Alaska cutlery, and the tooled-leather sheath has a hard liner to keep the scalpel-like blade from cutting through. A lot of money? Yes, but on the other hand, there’s nothing else like it.

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