$599-$799; ( The 7-pound Redemption .50-caliber break–action muzzleloader features a truly innovative toolless retaining collar, dubbed the Adapt breech system. External rather than internal threads mean fast, easy cleaning, and no worry about seized breech plugs.

The system incorporates specialized 209 primer adapters (for pellets or loose powder) that let you more accurately pair propellant to sabot and bullet. A nitride hard coat prevents corrosion both outside and inside the barrel.

The 24-inch Cloverleaf Precision Barrel, made by Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co., is accurate and durable. There is no external hammer. Instead, you quietly slide the clever Stealth Striker forward until it locks in the ready-to-shoot position. Pressing the decocking button returns the rifle to safety mode. The Striker also gives more clearance for a scope. Finally, the impressive FT2 Match Trigger breaks cleanly with a light pull. _–Brad Fenson

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