These are some of the best reader photos uploaded to our Trophy Room last month. Sumbit your shots and they could appear in the pages of Field & Stream!

“Hammerhead Attacking Tarpon”

_**Photo submitted by: Whitty **


User Description: After fighting tarpon to the boat the shark comes out and begins to chase tarpon before we’ve released him. Tarpon darts to trolling motor and snaps line, for 15 minutes the shark attacked the tarpon never landing a bite because the tarpon would stay on its head where the teeth could not touch it then hid under boat.
Species:Tarpon; Where: Florida; Method: Live Bait;

“2 Foxes Playing”

Photo submitted by: colefarms


User Description: Game camera caught 2 foxes playing on a sunny afternoon.
Species: Fox; Where: South Dakota

“Illinois Giant!”

Photo submitted by: Clayton Turner


User Description: This is a photo of my brother in law and his Illinois Shotgun buck from 2012. After scouting this deer, getting trail cam pictures and setting stands accordingly, he was able to get this buck on his first day out!
Species:Whitetail; Method: Shotgun

“Pee-Ka-Boo BEAR”

Photo submitted by: toby.64

User Description:

A photo from my hunt-camp trail camera.
Species: black bear; Where: Ontario

“Fishing With Dad”

**Photo submitted by: vhite_2 **


User Description: Just some special one on one time with Dad and a wonderful end to a great day.
Species: Largemouth; Where: Ohio; Method: Live Bait

“Long Island (Orient Point) Striped Bass Fishing”

**Photo submitted by: 7mmmagnm **


** User Description:** Doing your homework and discovering underwater structures and moon phases helps me to consistently land quality striped bass that most fisherman crave. Whether its drifting live eels, or dropping anchor and fishing with big baits, knowing when the conditions are right is the key to success.
Species: Stripped Bass; Where: New York; Method: Live Bait

“Black Bass From Folsom Lake”

Photo submitted by: robinmarks


User Description: While putting the boat in early morning I saw huge bass jumping all around the banks by the boat ramp, so I casted a weedless worm in from the bank.
Species: Largemouth; Method: Artificial Lures

“46-Inch Personal Best”

**Photo submitted by: pudloag **


User Description: Caught this male on the first cast of League Night in Vilas County, WI on a lure that I had made just for the late spring conditions. He was milking all over the boat, and he’s still swimming!
Species: Pike/Muskie; Where: Wisconsin; Method: Artificial Lures

“Happy Father’s Day”

Photo submitted by: daggermast


User Description: Hi everyone! Happy Father’s Day and if you have a pic of your pop or grandpa…especially with fishing with the kids…How about posting? Mine gives me goosebumps with happiness every time I look at it! Here’s my Dad, Greg Stone, with his young grandson Carter and a nice big crappie!
Species: Panfish; Where: Virginia; Method: Artificial Lures

“Spring Washington Bear”

Photo submitted by: ctennant


User Description: After seven years of trying, I finally drew a lottery Spring Bear Tag. Two trips out and 10-days later, I finally spotted a big boar at over a mile away. The stalk was on! This one turned out in my favor. A brute of a boar!
Species: Black Bear; Where: Washington; Method: Rifle

“Alaskan Lingcod”

Photo submitted by: Michael Jager


User Description:Big Lingcod caught with Captain Rob of Classic Alaska Charters.
Species: Lingcod; Where: Alaska; Method: Artificial Lures

“Homemade Fishing Gadget”

Photo submitted by: Chris Menig


User Description: Use sticky velcro on an old pill container and attach it to your vest or bag. The fuzzy velcro will hold flies and hooks to dry, while the other male side will hold scrap line. Cut the safety off the bottle for easier opening and place micro garbage or needed tools inside. This is handy and, more important, a plus for the environment.

“He Got Away”

Photo submitted by: fred scott

User Description:**_

Yep, look hard and you’ll see a mountain lion chasing a full grown bull elk.

“Oink, Oink”

Photo submitted by: Courterback

User Description:

Local farm pond I’ve been fishing for three years. Used a 5 inch green worm hook weedless. Hit hard and I set the hook and fought him for a bit. The biggest largemouth I’ve caught!
Species: Largemouth; Where: Virginia; Method: Artificial Lures

“Antero Rez – Colorado”

Photo submitted by: bgflys


User Description: Good luck finding any of these there now days… droughts suck!
Species: Cutthroat; Where: Colorado; Method: Fly

“Daddy’s Little Pack Mule”

Photo submitted by: beth15mckenna


User Description: It was a great morning in the field, and my husband’s vest was getting full. Gus (age 3) insisted on carrying this giant rooster in his vest, just like his daddy. It was so heavy that his vest was sagging down to his knees, but this little guy was determined to keep carrying his “little rooster friend.” I love pheasant hunting, but I love watching my kids enjoy it even more!
Species: Pheasant; Where: Minnesota; Method: Shotgun

“Devils Lake/sunset”

Photo submitted by: Jessica Riehl


User Description: Fishing all day, caught some Large mouth bass some small size and some decent 4 lb. ones, the sunset was breathtaking, thought it was worth sharing with everyone. Just a small lake in Minnesota after the wind calmed down and the sun set…priceless.

“If I Only Had a Tag”

Photo submitted by: fred scott


User Description: The killer waterhole.

“Czech Republic Roe Buck”

Photo submitted by: pjsabella


User Description: This was a dream come true hunt. After sitting in a high seat watching this buck chase a doe through a cabbage field for 3 hours straight, he finally made the mistake of stepping in range. A bullet from my 8mm Mauser put him down fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine.
Species: Other; Method: Rifle

“Rogue River Cutthroat Trout”

Photo submitted by: Neil J. Selbicky



User Description: This slab cutthroat grabbed my custom Signature Intruder today. I waa casting the fly with the Spey rod for summer steelhead, but I’ll take a cutthroat like this anytime.
Species: Cutthroat; Where: Oregon; Method: Fly 15.