Sliding multi-pins, ultralight singles, and no-brainer sight-ins for 2013.

This year’s crop of high-end sights solve some fundamental problems in scoping your bow. Now you don’t have to choose between fixed multi-pins or a single-pin slider, and they all dial in fast, too. Several new multi-pins have vertical adjustments for shooting long. Traditional sliders have gotten lighter and brighter. It’s a good year to upgrade your bow sight.

Trophy Ridge React


The Specs
Housing: 2 1⁄2″, fixed five-pin
Weight: 10.2 oz.
Pin Size: .019
Adjustments: Toolless; no axis adjustments
MSRP: $150

The Skinny
Sighting in your pins has never been easier. Simply dial the 20-yard pin by moving the entire housing. Thirty, 40, 50, and 60 yards are gang rigged, so pick your second distance (I choose 40) and adjust until it’s on. The other three pins fall in line. With 40 connecting, I jumped to 60, tweaked the elevation down a hair, and drilled the bull with my 10th arrow. A huge scope ring and oversize level provide an excellent sight picture. The Ballistix Copolymer–think Glock plastic rubberized–makes for a light, extremely durable package. The downside: no axis adjustments; four of the five pins are green and tend to blur together in harsh sun.

Custom Bow Equipment Tek Hybrid


The Specs
Housing: 2″, sliding five-pin, three-pin, and one-pin models
Weight: 9.4 oz. (three-pin)
Pin Size: .010 or .019
Adjustments: First, second, and third axis
MSRP: $250

The Skinny
This year brought a total redesign to the Tek Hybrid with a 45-degree, rear-facing tape and fibers fully enclosed in thin steel tubes. The level liquid is tinted red, which isn’t optimal in low light but may reduce glare in direct sun. The one-pin, three-pin, and five-pin scopes are interchangeable. But there’s no slider stop, so careless handling could run the housing off your bow. ­custom​bow​

Archer Xtreme A.X. Driver


The Specs
Housing: 2″, sliding four-pin and one-pin models
Weight: 8 oz. (four-pin) Pin Size: .019
Adjustments: First, second, and third axis
MSRP: $210

The Skinny
This one’s for ounce-­counting multi-pin shooters who practice beyond 100 yards. With the slider topped out, I set the four pins to 20, 30, 40, and 50, then with a nudge down grouped arrows reliably at 75. There’s lots of resistance in the side-facing slider (a plus), but tension can be decreased for an easier turn. The sight picture feels smaller than 2 inches. The level is mounted under the ring–a problem with my peep setup.

Black Gold Ascent Ambush


The Specs
Housing: 2″, sliding one-pin
Weight: 9.5 oz.
Pin Size: .019
Adjustments: First and second axis
MSRP: $213

The Skinny
Tough, with the brightest, cleanest sight picture I’ve seen, the Ascent Ambush has a lot to love. A photo­chromatic shell over the fibers works like Transitions eyeglasses–dimming bright light and enhancing low light. With 2 1⁄4 inches of vertical travel, it’ll set up on any bow. A third axis adjustment isn’t stock, but for another $25 you can get a fully adjustable dovetail mount. There’s no illumination option either, but with this sight you don’t need it.