Chasing feral hogs with hounds has long been popular in the Deep South, and is growing in popularity elsewhere. Turn loose a couple of experienced dogs in good hog country and it won’t be long until the race begins. A boar may run for quite some distance before baying up. Even hunters in good shape may be gasping for breath by the time they get to the scene. Holding the gun steady enough to thread a bullet between two very expensive hounds and into the hog’s vital area is the challenge here. The hog needs to go down with that first trigger pull, because dogs are inclined to rush into full contact when hearing the shot. If the hog is not dead, those tusks can deliver a lot of damage.

The Challenge
Draw a boar on poster board and staple it to a couple of stakes driven into the ground. Fashion two dog targets and place them in front of the pig target so they obscure all but a 4-inch-wide vertical strip of the pig’s shoulder. Back off 5 yards and with gun on safe and in hand, run in place until your heart is racing and you are breathing hard, then stop and within three seconds place a bullet into the pig. In a real-life situation you would never take a shot that close to the dogs, but if you can consistently place your bullets into that 4-inch slot, you are ready to join the chase.

Advanced Challenge
Make the shot in two seconds.

Good Gun


A revolver in .41 or .44 magnum with open sights, such as the Ruger Super Blackhawk.