Photo by Andrew Hetherington

This one is simplicity itself, and I thought it up because I’ve seen so many shooters, including a lot of experienced ones, screw it up. It consists of firing a three-shot or five-shot string, reloading as fast as you can, and shooting a second string. This is not a situation you encounter often, but when you do, it can be critical. Ask anyone who hunts elk or Cape buffalo. You need whatever big-game rifle you use most often with a scope that can be set at 3X or less. Shoot offhand at the standard NRA 50-Yard Slow Fire Pistol Target with the 8-inch black bull set at 25 yards.


The Challenge
Load one in the chamber and fill up the magazine. You have 10 seconds to get off five rounds (if your rifle holds four, you have eight seconds), 15 seconds to reload the chamber and magazine, and another 10 (or eight) seconds to empty the rifle again. If your gun uses a detachable magazine, you have five seconds to reload. If you look at the rifle while you’re reloading, you’re disqualified. Your goal: seven or eight hits in the black.

Advanced Challenge
Drop one round, find it, and load it, while keeping your eyes on the target.

Good Gun


Current-manufacture Winchester Model 70, any caliber, with a low-power scope. You’ll see that controlled feed is not a substitute for correct loading.