3-Tand TF Series Fly Reels


If you’re looking for a reel that has the guts, rock-solid construction, and tanklike toughness of the most expensive fly reels, without the big price tag, you can’t beat 3-Tand’s new TF series. Available in weights 1 through 8, made from T-6 cold-forged aluminum, and featuring a sealed NanoCF carbon-fiber drag, these reels are exceptionally smooth and rugged. The bottom line is that you simply will not find this kind of performance anywhere else for under $250. Having put both the 7-weight and 2-weight models through their paces, I’m confident in saying either one could stop a bonefish or withstand being run over by an M1 Abrams. –Joe Cermele

MSRP: $180-$210;

RedHead Reality Series Crazy Jake


The big trend in molded-rubber turkey decoys is ultrarealism–and attendant sticker shock. RedHead’s new Crazy Jake gives you the former without the latter. For half the usual price, this fake is impressively lifelike. Designed to not run off shy gobblers, it is 30 percent smaller than most such dekes and strikes a nonthreatening three-quarter-strut pose. Crazy Jake comes with a fabric fan but accepts the real thing, and it is compatible with RedHead’s new motion stake, which spins the imposter like it’s strutting for real.–Dave Hurteau

MSRP: $50;

Yo-Zuri Sashimi Circle Hook Series


For catch-and-release anglers, Yo-Zuri offers the first factory lures made with circle hooks, which help prevent gut-hooking fish. The series includes a suspending jerkbait (31⁄2-inch, 7⁄16-ounce), a floating pencil (4-inch, 5⁄8-ounce), and a floating minnow (31⁄2-inch, 3⁄8-ounce), all with the company’s patented Sashimi finish. These proven designs will catch a wide variety of species, from largemouths and pike to stripers and reds. The jerkbait that I tested in early spring delivered enticing action and ultra-easy hook removal. –Mark Modoski

MSRP: $15;

Clean-Shot Nock Out Lighted Nocks


OCD bowhunters like me want to practice with the same equipment we’ll use for hunting, right down to the arrow nock. That rules out most illuminated models, which are activated with every shot and tend to burn out over weeks of target shooting. But not Nock Out nocks, which have an innovative locking on-off collar. Simply keep the light off during practice, then twist the collar to activate the LED when hunting. The provided adapter sleeves fit just about any arrow, including the latest micro-­diameter models. –Michael R. Shea

MSRP: $29;