Photo by Justin Appenzeller

If you’ve mastered every skill in The Total Outdoorsman Manual and made a feast of The Wild Chef’s best recipes, then you’ve earned some serious armchair time. Spend it reading The Best American Hunting Stories, our latest hardcover filled with 29 great hunting narratives from the top F&S writers of the past decade.

Experience the elaborate German hunting tradition as David E. Petzal takes you deep into the Black Forest after roe deer, wild boar, and red stag in “Horn of the Hunter.” Recall how a new dog can make a bird hunt feel like your first, as Rick Bass does in “Callie’s Home.” And allow yourself to be inspired by a young cancer survivor on the mule deer hunt of a lifetime in Bill Heavey’s “A Hunter’s Heart.” The book also includes stories from Philip Caputo, C.J. Chivers, Susan Casey, Steven Rinella, and more, who weave the hunting experience together with the human experiences of fear, friendship, exploration, learning, aging, loss, and triumph.

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