Last month, Under Armour pro staffer and diehard hunter Cameron Hanes outlined an elk workout plan that involved lugging jugs of water and nailing the bull’s-eye out to 80 yards. This month he’s ramping up the intensity even more. Get ready to run, lift, and bow-shoot your way to elk glory.

Race Into September

Weeks 1–2 Just like last month,* run an hour every other day, but now shift the focus to speed. Try to knock 30 seconds off your mile pace. If you’re comfortable at a nine-minute 30-second clip, for example, work toward nine-minute miles.

Weeks 3–4 Find a 5K or half marathon the weekend before your elk trip. It will help focus your training and increase drive. “Hunters make great racers because we’re so goal oriented,” Hanes says.

Pump It Up

Weeks 1–2 Start workouts with four sets of 10 dumbbell rows by lifting the weight from your knees to your chest while maintaining a squat position. End with the planks, push-ups, squats, and lunges from last month’s workout.

Weeks 3–4 Add bench presses and arm curls to the routine. Do four sets of 10 on the flat bench, increasing the weight between sets, then move to the incline and decline bench. Mix in traditional curls with dumbbells.

Get Sharp

Weeks 1–2 Phase two’s routine emphasized consistency, shooting 100 arrows a day in five-shot groups. This month, do the same, but switch to broadheads, which will magnify any form or tuning problems.

Weeks 3–4 By now you should be practicing at double the distance you would shoot an elk at. Now push the target back even farther. Hanes drills broadhead shots out to 150 yards, even though he wouldn’t take a shot in the wild outside 60.

*Visit for the previous training plans.