Whitetail Hunting photo
Photo by Travis Rathbone

What You Need
● Skull mount
● Shed antler
● 3⁄16 x 21⁄2-inch toggle bolt ($3; lowes.com)
● 12-inch all-thread lamp pipe ($7; homedepot.com)
● Aluminum arrow
● Three-way socket kit ($12.50; homedepot.com)
● Lampshade ($15; walmart.com)

Step 1: Lay the shed antler on a flat work surface with the points down, and file the tips until it sits level with no wobble.

Step 2: Drill a hole through the center of the shed and into the bottom of the deer skull. Secure them together with a toggle bolt.

Step 3: Drill a hole through the top of the skull for the lamp pipe. Secure it with the lamp kit’s locknuts, and shim it straight with a sliver of wood.

Step 4: Using a Dremel rotary tool or a hacksaw, cut your arrow to the length of the exposed lamp pipe. Then, cut a slit down the full length of the arrow, and sheath it over the pipe.

Step 5: Run the lamp cord through the base of the skull and up the pipe. Attach it to the bulb socket, and screw the socket and halo to the pipe. Top it off with an appropriately rustic shade. (Bonus points: Make your own from brain-tanned buckskin.)