Photo by John Hafner

Pit blinds aren’t just for waterfowlers anymore, according to (aptly named) champion turkey caller Preston Pittman.

“Morning after morning, I watched this mature tom fly off the roost and land in a big field,” he recalls. “That bird would be out there all morning strutting and gobbling, but he wouldn’t budge.”

So Pittman did what any savvy goose hunter might do: He dug a shallow pit and lay down in it. When the tom pitched into the field the next morning, Pittman was waiting—this time within gun range.

But keep in mind, you don’t always need a shovel. Last spring I watched a Wyoming Merriam’s turkey strut on a bald mountain knob three evenings in a row. On the fourth afternoon, I crawled to the knob, lay on my belly in the grass, and after a long wait shot a surprised gobbler at 30 steps.