Photo by D. Toby Thompson

Lots of hunters act as though their backs are glued to the tree they’re sitting against. Just because a bird won’t come to you doesn’t mean you can’t kill it.

If you can see a tom and have tried everything else, don’t discount the possibility of a successful stalk.

Be safe: Don’t even think about doing it on public land, or even private land where there may be other hunters around. And never stalk sounds—only birds you have positively identified as living, breathing, legal gobblers. Also check regulations to make sure this is legal where you hunt.

Then unstick yourself from that tree and get moving. Use terrain and cover—including hedgerows, humps, ditches, and creek beds—to get closer. When this stuff can no longer hide you, get down and dirty, right on your belly to crawl within gun range. Wait for the bird to turn away, then shoulder your shotgun and have at it.