Shoot Like a Champ: Levi Morgan’s Tips for Better Bowhunting Accuracy

The world's best 3D archer (Levi Morgan) is changing the way people shoot a compound bow—and wants to show you how to be more accurate than you've ever been.

Photographs by Patrik Giardino

Bow-Method Breakthrough

Levi Morgan on his journey to become the best 3D archer and how you can improve your shot.


Levi’s Form

How the world’s best 3D archer shoots.


Levi’s Two Key Drills

Train like a pro.


Levi’s Hunting Bow

The bow specs of the world’s best 3D archer.


Levi’s Hunting Arrow

The arrow specs of the world’s best 3D archer.


Levi’s Seven Steps to a Perfect Tune

Super-tune your gear like a pro.