The Most Peculiar, Oddball, and Perplexing News Stories of 2015

Field & Stream's news blog, Field Notes, covers the breadth of the sporting world, including breaking stories, ongoing issues, interesting discoveries, and items of concern. Without fail, though, stories come across our desks that are, well, out there. Sometimes these stories are unfortunate or sad, but often they're just strange or—in the case of, say, the marijuana dove blind—deeply, deeply confusing. So, to commemorate the end of the year, we've collected 18 of the most peculiar, off-the-wall, and mind-warping stories of 2015, and ranked them from least bizarre to most. It's been a good 12 months, and we can't wait to see what weirdness 2016 will bring. —_JR Sullivan, associate editor _

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18. Ohio Zoo Presses Charges Against "Cougar Petter"

17. Hog Hunters Uncover $6-Million Marijuana Operation

16. Australian Poachers Are Cutting Off Deer Heads to Pay for Drugs

15. Rare New York White Deer Could Lose Home

14. Video: Longboarder Crashes into Deer at Top Speed

13. Duckling Found in Largemouth's Gullet

12. Japanese Angler Lands Ghoulish Wolf Eel

11. Video: Fisherman Lands Three-Eyed Catfish in Brooklyn Canal

10. Off-Duty Officer Reels in $10M Worth of Cocaine While Fishing

9. Video: Man Uses Mobility Scooter to Tow Fishing Boat

8. Toronto Memorializes Dead Raccoon

7. Texas Teen Harvests Ultra-Rare All-Black Whitetail

6. West Virginia Man Kept Two Deer Captive in His House for a Year

5. Australia Goes to War With Feral Cats

4. Dove Hunters Busted for Poaching, Blinds Made of Marijuana

3. Gigantic Spider Web Blankets Texas Park

2. Kentucky Man Shoots Down Drone in Backyard, Ignites Controversy

1. North Carolina Poacher Charged After Faking Record Deer, Screwing on Rack

We’d also like to recognize the wild pig with cotton-candy blue fat, which we covered only on Facebook.